Shine and niceness

SANOR ELECTRONICS CORPORATION has a vision to take responsibility for the environment by saving energy. Our concept is to maintain a basic stance of providing our customers with "Sparkle and Comfort" at all times.

SANOR ELECTRONICS CORPORATION delivers low-cost high performance by mass production of inverters and igniters, our core products, through the application of development and technical expertise in transformers, coil and electronic circuit technology that we have cultivated over the years.

We have steadily continued to grow by providing parts and products that meet the requirements of our customers who seek a richer and more comfortable lifestyle and playing a role in our eco-friendly and energy conservation ESCO business.


In 1996, our pursuit of a stable mass production base led us to Shanghai, China where we established our first overseas factory.

With this cooperation between Japan and China, we are promoting an ideal manufacturing model.

The current millennium is sometimes referred to as the eco-century, and public concern about environmental issues is increasing.

SANOR ELECTRONICS CORPORATION will continue to accurately gather the needs of our customers and provide high quality products that are safe and reliable.

Our slogan has been "Manufacturing that is loyal to fundamentals." ever since we were established. In line with this, we will build a better relationship with our customers and hope to become a company that will contribute to society on a global scale.